Bimatoprost Ophthalmic 0.03%, 5ML Bpros Eye Lash Growth Solution


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Every woman dream of having the fuller and thicker eyes lashes without any the need for wearing lash extensions. The dense and full eyelashes look amazingly astonishing and impart a natural, beautiful, and attractive appearance to your eyes. Now, you can realize your dream by using the Bimatoprost eye drops. This medicine enhances the thickness, density, as well as the length of your lashes.

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What is Bpros Eye Drops used for?

The Bpros Bimatoprost Generic is being utilized extensively for treating age-related eyes disorders like ocular Glaucoma. Apart from that, it has been used successfully for treating another common eye condition, eyelash hypotrichosis for making the eyes lashes grow longer and thicker. It works by replenishing natural liquid, which gets drained from the eyes due to the reduction in internal pressure.

How to apply Bpros for eyelash growth?

Put one drop of the ophthalmic solution on the applicator brush. Then draw the applicator brush across your skin of upper eyelid margins going from the inner portion of the lash line to the outer one. Just blot off any excessive solution which drops off beyond the eyelid margin. You should apply for Bpros once a day at night preferably before your bedtime. The desired results can be observed in a period of around 2 months of its regular usage.

How to Store Bpros?

You should always store the eye drops at room temperature. Keep the lid of the bottle tightly closed. Always store the medicine in a cool and dry place.

Bpros Side effects

Few of the noticeable side effects of using this are listed below:
• Dryness of eyes
• allergic reaction
• eye infection
• Disturbances in vision
• Burning sensation in eyes
• Eye Irritation
• Conjunctival edema
• Discharge from eyes
• Iris pigmentation


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